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The sale or acquisition of a company is one of the most important strategic decisions that a business owner or manager can make.  Riocap professionals can intervene and participate from the start in the development of various strategies, and make it their duty to clearly identify your objectives and ensure that the planned transaction is realistic and achieves the established objectives. 


Riocap's reputation in the mid-sized transaction market allows our clients to ensure that their business will obtain the best possible exposure to qualified buyers.  We work closely with our clients to establish a tailor-made approach to take into account the specificity of each transaction and promote optimal valuation of the sale price.

Our approach includes:

  • A rigorous analysis aimed at identifying strategies and corrective measures, if necessary, to achieve the best valuation of the company

  • Determining the price and conditions of sale

  • The development and writing of information documents required for marketing the company

  • Identification and qualification of potential buyers

  • Support and strategic advice throughout the process

  • Assistance to the board of directors during due diligence

  • Collaboration with the professionals involved to facilitate the negotiation and a harmonious closing


Riocap assists its clients in the identification, qualification and negotiation of target companies corresponding to the acquisition criteria of our buyers.  The great expertise of Riocap professionals allows them to identify companies which are not officially on the market but which Riocap can approach discreetly and professionally.

Process steps may include:

  • Strategic planning justifying the acquisition

  • Identification of potential targets meeting the Buyer’s criteria

  • Approach and preliminary negotiation of the basic parameters of a possible transaction

  • Assistance in finding the financing required to complete the acquisition

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