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Seasoned professionals

Riocap is made up of seasoned and dynamic professionals whose respective experiences are complementary. They have several years of expertise either as financial advisors to business managers/owners, or as stakeholders within major financial institutions or as entrepreneurs. They maintain a high degree of professionalism at all times and demonstrate creativity so that a transaction is concluded quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated to medium-sized transactions

Our success results from our knowledge and understanding of the needs of the mid-sized business market and our close, long-standing business relationships with the various players active in this market, whether private investment banks, investment funds, traditional financial institutions or other merger and acquisition firms. Our structure allows us to react quickly and obtain concrete results for our clients.

A recognized skill

Riocap professionals have in common the same requirement for professionalism and quality listening and carry out their profession with complete independence and objectivity. They are keen to understand the particular objectives of each client and demonstrate great availability and a real desire to seek the best interest of the latter.

Carrying out a good transaction of course requires technical skills, but above all human qualities, such as ethics, discretion and respect for others. In our opinion, these qualities make the difference and are the guarantee of a top quality organization.

A la carte service

Our expert advisors are able to offer valuable assistance and advice regarding various aspects of your transactions. Our goal is to simplify your life, avoid frustration, minimize delays and reduce excess costs as much as possible. You can choose from all the services offered only those that suit you.


Our fees are very competitive and compare favorably to all professionals working in our field.

In general, transaction fees consist of success fees, payable upon conclusion of a transaction, subject to base fees covering the cost of the initial acts.

Fees linked to financing activities consist of a percentage of the financing obtained, subject to base fees covering the cost of the initial acts. Fees related to strategic advisory activities are generally billed on an hourly basis, but can also be the subject of a fixed price when the mandate is clearly defined. Given the particular nature of each file, we will be able, from our initial meeting (free of charge), to clearly inform you of our pricing.


Confidentiality is an essential element in the execution of each of our mandates. All our interventions are carried out in the strictest confidentiality to avoid any apprehension or rumor among your employees, customers and suppliers. The disclosure and circulation of any information received is always carried out within a restricted, controlled framework and in accordance with the adopted strategy, and with your prior authorization.

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